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Training packs

SUP assistant curso online
SUP assistant

100% ONLINE Assistant Instructor course with IOSUP qualifications (25h.).
ONLINE and PRESENTIAL Master Instructor course with federative degree IOSUP (35h.).
Methodological videos on demand.
LEVEL 0 free when registering.
LEVEL 1, 2, 3 and 4 of flat water.
Certification webinar in FLAT WATER with SUP teachers.

SUP Master 1 online
SUP Master instructor 1

100% ONLINE course with IOSUP and IINS qualifications (19h.)
LEVEL 5 and 6 waves initiation
Methodological videos on demand.
Downloadable resources.
Adapted SUP orientation.
Knowledge of special emergencies at sea.
Notions of wave judgment.
Certification webinar (WAVES) with the specialized teacher.

Curso presencial SUP
SUP Master level 2

PRESENTIAL with federative degree IOSUP (12h.)
Group of reduced SUPer trainees.
Personalized technification.
Individualized evaluation of methodological level.
Certification as Master Instructor (LEVEL 2) and free registration of 1 year in our professional locator.

Curso de SUP River
SUP River Guide

For those who want to train as professionals in teaching in the river, they will be able to do so by completing their knowledge with the following courses:
Assistant RIVER SUP Guide (100% ONLINE)
At each LEVEL, the AREAS that have to do with all the information that a student must know and master while developing the necessary skills during their learning will be worked on.

IOSUP partner

If you have a school, you have the opportunity for your students to start making contact with the SUP from their home, the airport or on the subway.

You can use this content for a first contact with your students. Once done, you will have to unleash your creativity to continue maintaining it.


More than 10 years of teaching in which we have met hundreds of professionals support us in our task of creating quality content for our associates, helping them to differentiate themselves with their own, unique and high-quality methodology.

The IOSUP Basic Teaching System has been completely renewed with a new educational patent: IKE / Perception, which is made up of 4 pillars: Safety, Material / Interaction, Methodology and Medium, which have been united, intertwined and interconnected, guiding the student towards a unique experience.

SUP iniciacion
SUP geneve


At the beginning of 2009 we began to offer educational programs and national certification of SUP Instructors in Spain in collaboration with the Spanish Surfing Federation. In this way we also develop SUP as a federative sport. Comprehensive services to teaching professionals and their sliding centers.

Over 10 years of teaching in which we have met hundreds of professionals support us in our task of creating quality content for our associates, who help to differentiate themselves with their own, unique and high-quality methodology.

SUP yoga
SUP atardecer


It is the First World Certification System, common for all SUP schools, which meet the same Sports Quality Standards.
Our committee of professionals and experts in Stand Up Paddle, are in charge of drawing the line to follow in the correct implementation of the program, defining the evaluation criteria and certification models to obtain each LEVEL.
These criteria make it possible to accurately measure the evolution in the athlete's learning, its level and quality.
The ONLINE program is designed to offer motivation, continuity, certification of sports practice and evolution, in all SUP disciplines, to the new quarry of athletes, fans and schoolchildren.
Likewise, they mark the diary in the integral development of the person, using sport as an agent that generates experiences at a cognitive, emotional, social and motor level.
Can you imagine starting a SUP class right now on your mobile device and finishing it in person at your favorite beach?
Stop dreaming and access our Virtual Paddle Surf Campus! 

Professional team

We have managed to gather the best multidisciplinary team in sliding sports around a homogeneous methodology. for
Our teachers are people with a teaching vocation and trained to teach any of our training. We are convinced that they will perform satisfactory and quality work, enthusiastically teaching how to fully develop your skills and knowledge.

We are delighted to be able to present our excellent human and professional group.  

SUP prono

Fácil y divertido.


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SUP River

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